All any one of us wants is to be loved, accepted, and appreciated but for some reason love seems to escape most of us OR it’s flighty; coming and going but never sticking around for very long.

What’s the problem? I watch and I listen and I’m left to ask, “Where/how do you find love”?

WantedDo you think technology provides too many options to reach out and contact people making it hard to stick with just one; we’re simply a greedy people.  Maybe it’s the whole “the grass is greener” mentality.  Could it be that people’s overall mentality has changed due to all that we’ve been exposed to; cheating, lying, hurt and pain?  Perhaps our expectations of what we think a partner or relationship should be are too exaggerated or altogether wrong due to the fantasies and fables paraded in the media.  What are your thoughts on why it’s so hard for people to find love?