Ok, let’s begin with I’m SHOCKED!!  So this couple has an open marriage and this woman says she doesn’t know how many partners she has. WHAT?!?!?….Let me gather myself and drop some facts on you:


It’s called Open Polyamory (committed open relationship or open marriage) and it is the practice of or desire for intimate relationshipswith more than one partner, with the knowledge of all partners.  You’re probably as confused as I am so here’s a little breakdown for you.



Ok….Now that that’s out of the way listen to how this couple does it and let’s talk about it!  Share your thoughts and opinions.

Me personally, I couldn’t get with it.  KNOWINGLY sharing my HUSBAND with another….multiple….women. Them having all the same access to him that I have. NOPE! it’s against my morals, values, and selfish, egotistical ways.