“It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes, like…it’s funny.”

Cam Newton-

This is the statement, slightly snickering, that Cam Newton made when asked a question about one of his teammates, wide receiver Devin Funchess,  by Charlotte Observer beat reporter Jourdan Rodrigue. Then he proceeded to answer her question.

According to a report in the Charlotte Observer Rodrigue caught up with Cam after the conference and asked Newton if he thought a woman couldn’t understand receiver routes.  “Newton said she wasn’t really seeing specific routes when watching the game, she was just seeing if somebody was open,” the Observer reported. “She argued that he didn’t know what she saw nor how hard she had studied football, and that maybe the two of them needed to have a deeper conversation”.

“Newton said that maybe he should have said it was funny to hear ‘reporters’ talk about routes and that, if she actually did know about them, then she knew more than most reporters,” according to the Observer. “Then he gestured toward the locker room, still filled with her colleagues.”

After all was said and done Rodrigue said in a statement that Newton did not apologize.  She later responded to Newton on Twitter, Rodrigue(@JourdanRodrigue), posting “I don’t think it’s ‘funny’ to be a female and talk about routes. I think it’s my job.” ~  October 4, 2017

The NFL has stated: “The comments are just plain wrong and disrespectful to the exceptional female reporters and all journalists.”

Michael Strahan, a host on Good Morning America & former All-Pro New York Giants player, said: “The way Cam said it — “how would you know, you’ve never played the game?” — well, 90% of the reporters have never played the game.”

Sarah Spain with ESPN made a similar point: “Do you think all the male reporters in that room have “run routes?” Can we only ask about things we’ve physically done?”

What is your take on all of this? Do you think Cam was wrong and insensitive? Should he have better clarified what he actually meant or do you think he said exactly what he meant? OR  Do you think that the reporter is being overly sensitive about it all?


SO….I personally feel like he was simply a bit amused to hear a woman using technical terms when it comes to football. Not taking away from the fact that some women really do know the game but come on, it is a little different to hear.  I have quite a few female friends who are into football just as much as men and can talk sports talk with the best of them but it STILL is a little amusing (and impressive) to me when I hear it. Does that mean I’m being sexist?  Why does it have to be made so wrong to have an opinion on something. Oh I’m sorry…He just wasn’t supposed to express his. He didn’t criticize anyone. He didn’t belittle anyone. He was simply taken aback but he went right into answering her question with no hesitation.

As for the NFL….They made that statement just to cover their asses because of the financial repercussions that could follow. It’s all about the mighty dollar for them.