In the days of old men had a family and they took good care of it but somewhere, over across town, that same man also had another woman and/or a whole other family that he shared his time, sex and some of his money with.  Usually the other woman knew all about his main woman and family but she dare NOT interfere with it in any way.  There may have even been others who knew about both these situations but no one ever spoke of it. Heck even the main woman sometimes knew. She may not have liked it but as long as he kept home together and woman #2 stayed in her place there were no real problems.


Today men try to have situations like this but as we look around we can clearly see that it’s NOT working out the same.  What do you think the difference is between then and now?  Why do you think those men could do it but today’s man, for the most part, can’t pull it off?  Is it the change in women or men; maybe the change in morals or possibly technology?

I can’t say that women back then were more accepting because we clearly see that it appears more women today are willing to continue sleeping with men when they KNOW he’s got another or other women so what gives!?