It seems that in today’s society we go from single to married and everything in between is a whole lot of nothing.  I say nothing because these days it seems that no one is in a  “RELATIONSHIP”.  Test it out, ask anyone what their relationship status is and I bet  you’ll hear things such as, “FWB”(Friends With Benefits), “F*ckship”, “Situationship”, “we’re just cool”, “Boo Thang”, “Textationships”, “just a friend”, or the infamous “It’s Complicated”.

Everyone seems to be so afraid of getting hurt that they’ve come up with all of these obscure ways of labeling a relationship.  There’s no more girlfriend and boyfriend. No one wants accountability or are willing to commit.  Do people even have significant others anymore? Everyone wants that freedom to roam and/or run away when things get scary or when tough times happen. The whole concept of a relationship seems to be so lost in today’s society and it’s really a shame. We’re not even going to touch on the aspect of DATING.  That’s a whole other post. I think that’s like finding a unicorn.

Without real relationships I see an even bigger downfall in marriages. Heck will people even make it to the point of getting married?  There’s an epidemic of NOTHINGNESS going around and I sum it all up to BULLSH*T!!  What happened to the simpler times, Do you like me, YES or NO…if YES then you’re my girlfriend/boyfriend? Do you think this will ever turn around or is it doomed to only get worse?