I listen to and read the things that men & women say when it comes to relationships regarding compromise, consulting & submitting and I can see a big reason why so many are single. People are just selfish and only worry about themselves first. Relationships are PARTNERSHIPS and that involves working TOGETHER and COMMUNICATING and it’s sad to say that too many people are individual minded. Meaning that you’re 1st priority is YOU not the other person nor the relationship/partnership that you’re a part of. Everyone wants to be the BOSS and claim they run things. Well that’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works. That’s just being selfish!  You can’t have all chiefs and no Indians. It has to be a team effort, each person playing their role and taking their turn being supportive and/or in charge and remembering to consult one another before making decisions. If you can’t put your own desires to the side and 1st think about the greater good of the partnership then things will definitely not work out.

Healthy Relationship Traits