Childhood_Sexual_AbuseA 9 year old girl speaks about her 18 year old baby sitter having sex with her and it’s called rape and we want to put the 18 year old under the jail.  A 9 year old boy speaks about his 18 year old babysitter having sex with him and it’s labeled molestation but he’s wearing it like a badge of honor. While they both are sexual abuse there is a difference in the impact of the words. Rape has an extremely more harsh impact than hearing molestation.  Think about how many men today talk like it’s a proud thing that at a young age some older girl/woman had some type of sexual relation with them.  Why does it seem we paint a difference?

Do you think there’s a difference because for a girl there is usually pain involved but for a boy there’s not? The only way a boy usually experiences pain in this instance is if there is anal penetration involved.  Wrong is wrong and no one should be subjected to unsolicited sexual encounters.  It’s a shame our men are walking around feeling as if this is ok and something to be proud of. As if it made him a man at an earlier age. He was clearly violated.  Hmmmm…..could that violation against them be a contribution to the promiscuity of men?