Are Situationships Killing Cuddling

Is it the new thing of “situationships” or people just trying to keep their guard up and not get close to anyone?  Someone help me understand what has happened to that wonderful thing we call CUDDLING?No Cuddling

It seems no one, well men anyway, wants to cuddle anymore.  That use to be a fun, playful bonding time and could possibly lead to even more. But now days it seems men are about no cuddling, no bonding and just getting straight to the “puddin”.

Don’t you realize there are benefits to cuddling.  As I’ve already mentioned it can strengthen the bond between you. It can help relieve stress and depression because it releases dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin which make you feel happy. Of course all of that together helps you to get a more relaxing sleep and helps to boost your immune system. And the cherry on top is that it can all help make your sex life better and better can mean more frequent. (and who doesn’t want more frequent?)

So what’s the problem folks? I think the benefits alone should get everyone back to cuddling.





  1. There could be a myriad of reasons why cuddling has subsided. Ever since the 90s, there is this ever-growing movement toward empowering women. When more and more women are entering the workforce and hold a high position in management or supervisory role, it’s difficult to be a stern boss and retain femininity at the same time.

    There was a video I saw a long time ago regarding gender roles. One couple found happiness when they fell back into traditional gender roles – where the man is tough/provider, and the woman is sensitive/caring.

    (Link: This isn’t the same video I saw, but the topic is similar. Premise was to let the man be a man and the woman be a woman. Despite overlapping in gender roles, there are some things that each gender does innately better.

    One primary example would be taking care of a baby. For a guy who is not in tune with non-verbal cues, he would have a difficult time trying to understand why the baby is crying. However, for a mom, she seems to know exactly what the problem is.

    I believe that if each party agrees to their roles and accepts it dutifully, then both would be happy. I’m the man, and my job as a man is to comfort my girl. How? Cuddle, you say? You got it!!

    • OMG I so agree with you on that as one of the reasons cuddling may have deteriorated over time. I can really believe that if we got back into our gender related roles, so to speak, that things would be a lot better. As a male friend of mine once told me, “A man knows how to be with a woman. We don’t know how to be with another man.”

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