Fathers-DadsI understand that there are a LOT of “deadbeat dads” in the world but are there so many that we really have to give special kudos to the men that are doing their jobs as a parent.  Now don’t get me wrong I’m in NO WAY taking from them but I’m just saying that we don’t regularly hear praise for the moms who are being a good parent so why do we have to make it a purpose to shout out thanks to dads?  Is it that too much attention is paid to the “deadbeats” that we have to make sure the good ones get their praise?

I do believe we ALL (good parents) enjoy praise every now and again and deserve it but when it comes to making a big deal about it, that (in my opinion) should be reserved for the ones going the extra mile to take care of children that are NOT theirs biologically. They deserve the ticker-tape parade.  The rest of us are doing nothing more than what we signed up for when we did the horizontal mambo.