Scared to Love

Love is a scary thing. It’s even scarier if you’ve ever had your heart broken but does that mean you give up on love?

We do our best to shield our hearts from pain.  We sabotage relationships by pushing people away when they begin to get close, avoiding romantic relationships all together or some choose to only get involved with people who are already in other relationships.  Have you been guilty of any of these?

Now that you’ve gone to great lengths to protect your heart now you happen to meet this great person that breaks through all your barriers.  What the what….where did this come from???  No one’s supposed to be here but now this person has your heart in the palm of their hand.  So now what do you do?  Would you run because you’re scared for your life or do you give it a chance?

When you do choose the person you decide to settle down with wouldn’t you want it to be someone who you love like crazy and can’t imagine yourself without or do you settle for the person you only like but could never have your whole heart?

How does a scared heart ever find it’s “Happily Ever After”??


One comment

  1. >I have always purposed to NOT allow the transgressions of a past partner to effect how i live, or how I treat a new partner. Which in essence, is what this post is suggesting. My opinion is based on the power of human choice. Whatever we do is done by "CHOICE" and not some mythical, magical, force beyond our control. We love those we choose to love. No one ever fell in love without allowing some series of events to take place. Otherwise, we would be falling in Love with random people we meet at all the wrong times!!! I have been victimized by someone I loved dearly and sincerely who behaved in such a manner. And as I mature, I am able to spot a woman who does this immediately!!!

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