Women Cheating…

Will a man stand by his woman if she cheats?

Infidelity is infidelity no matter who does it but what about the women that go out and cheat? We always hear about the men that cheat in relationships and how women have to deal with it.   How do men deal with and feel about it?  There are women out there who are no better than the men we talk about.  What man is brave enough to give us some insight into how GUYS deal with infidelity?





  1. >We feel the same way ya'll do!!! HURT, angry, rejected, confused, betrayed, all that. The only difference is how we deal with it. We can't take pain like women take pain. Physical or emotional. But there is no difference for real.

  2. Agree with above. There is very little difference. It is a major breach of trust and it seriously damages the base of the relationship. I think some can get past it if they think trust can be rebuilt; others can’t

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