Sometimes it feels impossible to find someone who’s right for you — and who thinks you’re right for him or her! So when it happens, you’re usually so excited that you may not notice some of the red flags or you let things slide that you normally wouldn’t and THAT’S where the problems begin.
He/she makes you feel so loved and appreciated and OMG the sex is amazing! So now you have on rose colored glasses and those little lies that you catch being told and/or him/her being inconsiderate just slips by and you find yourself on the loosing end of yet another relationship that you initially thought was love.

My personal opinion is that there is no for sure way to tell if it’s really love. You have to trust what your gut tells you and stop listening to those “good feelings” he/she makes you feel.  Feelings come and go, actions are what really count because deep inside I think we all really know we’re just too caught up in that temporary “high”.