We’ve all been in relationships that when they’re over we say to ourselves (or our friends tell us) why did you ignore the RED FLAGS.  Well here are a few flags to recognize to help you out before you even start dating that flag pole and if you’re already dating them and you see these flags perched atop that pole, SAVE YOURSELF….GET OUT NOW!!!  LOL
Finances Flag:
Men– He doesn’t pay for the first date.
Women– She never offers to pay for anything or is asks you to pay her bills or take her shopping.
First Glance Flag:
Men- He doesn’t wear dress shoes with a suit or even own a suit for that matter.
Women- She’s dressed better than her child, has a dirty car (inside), dirty house (especially the bathroom and kitchen)
Career Flag:
Men- He has no job and if he does have one he has no ambition.
Women- She has no job or intentions on going anywhere but to the mall or hair dresser with her paycheck.
Residential Flag:
Men- He has never lived alone and/or lives with his parents or other family member (and it’s not because of extenuating circumstances, ie. sick parent)
Woman- Same as above.
Intimacy Flag:
Men & Women: If they don’t want to use protection. Refuses to get an AIDS test with you.
This is just a short list. If you have more share them with us. Help out so hopefully someone can be saved from a bad experience and live to tell the tale. 🙂