STD….Friendship or More???

You and this person have been friends for a while now.  You’ve gone on dates and spend quality time together but  it’s purely platonic.  The both of you are really into one another but just have not crossed the line of friendship.

Now the time comes where you two are discussing becoming more than friends.  You have no problem with that idea. You two are very compatible and have been friends for a while so who better to become involved with but your friend has a secret to reveal…..they have an STD….Herpes…

In a scenario like this would you walk away from becoming more than friends?



  1. >I think it would depend on the relationship and the existing trust level and whether or not both parties want to see each other seriously. With the right protection and judgment, they can still enjoy a healthy sex life.

  2. >That is serious. I've been faced with this very issue and the person was very, very sweet. And infected. I had a recent STD testing done and proud to say I got 87% on my test!!! I passed. I toiled over this so much I couldn't continue seeing her. I really tried and didn't want the reason for me to end it was over,… that. I just had to ask myself if I wanted to jeopardize my health. It pained me to do so, but I let it go. I mean, I'm clean and have documented proof. I wondered why should I? I give her credit for being courageous enough to tell me before we bumped pelvises! And we didn't. I couldn't.

  3. I have an STD and when I told my boyfriend shortly after we met, who does not have any STDs, he decided to continue dating me. I have always wondered if our roles were reversed, if I would be as brave and accepting as he was/has been. I also agree it has a lot to do with the person, and so much to do with the potential for a future you see together. I am not him, so I’m not sure his reasoning entirely. But he did tell me that any relationship will go through rough times as we get older; diseases, etc., and that this was our unique obstacle to overcome for the time being.

    • WOW! Thanks so much for sharing. It sounds like you have a very understanding & loving boyfriend. He made a good point, there’s always going to be some obstacles to go through and I’m sure you made it easier for him to decide by being upfront & honest with him. Sounds like you to have the makings of a good relationship.

      • He’s definitely an extremely patient and understanding human. But oh man, things can still be complicated! I always thought finding someone to accept me was the entire battle. Then I realized, for as long as I’m infected and he isn’t, we’re going to have to work through this perpetually. TONS of premature sex talks had to occur when we first started dating, haha. It also took me four years of dating with herpes to find someone like him.

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