FORCED Pre-Wedding Classes Before Marriage

We spend time researching cars before we buy one, schools before we attend and we even read books, ask questions and take parenting classes before having children so I’ve always said I think people should spend more time preparing for marriage BEFORE jumping into it.  Now it looks like Colorado feels the same way according to an article written by Krystle Crossman.

The state of Colorado is trying to add another thing to the wedding checklist for couples. The Colorado Marriage Education Act is putting in a ballot that if passed would require couples to go through 10 hours of marriage education classes before they are able to be legally married in the state of Colorado.

If the bride or the groom is getting married for the second time, the number of required hours is bumped up to 20 hours and then 30 hours for those who are getting married for the third time. The required hours for a widow or widower who is getting remarried would be 10 hours just like someone who is getting married for the first time. This act would not apply to civil unions.

Continue reading: Colorado Wants To Force Pre-Wedding Classes Before Marriage – Is This Necessary?


Do you think taking educational classes before you say “I do” will benefit the marriage?


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