Reducing Your Child’s Chances Of Becoming A Leader

Family_Raising ChildrenAs parents we try to do everything we can to assure that our children grow up to be productive citizens and hopefully reach great heights making something amazing of themselves.   We want to give them better than what we had and help them to not have to experience some of the same challenges we faced.

Krystle Crossman has written an article giving 7 brief examples of “Things Parents Do That Cripple Their Children and Reduce Their Chances Of Becoming Leaders”  Read them and hopefully there’s something listed that can assist you in some way.



      • I don’t know about “begin with,” but ok. That question is a bit of tangent to my point: having parents consider it valuable to raise self-sufficient people, who do a good job taking care of themselves, completely irrespective of whether they ever lead others.

      • Because I didn’t write the article I can’t really say from what perspective the writer was coming from but I understood it to mean, I think like you did, raising children to be responsible, self-sufficient adults. Being able to follow their own dreams not necessarily the crowd is what I thought was meant by leader in that article.

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