WORDS…words big and small can mean so much and have such an impact.  We’re always told that a person can say what they want but you don’t hit someone unless they hit you first. “Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you.”  This is something that I heard a lot growing up.  How many of us have lived by this and recited it to others as advice?

WordsNow that I’m grown and I’ve experienced much more in life I can unequivocally say that WORDS HURT.  Words can hurt more than any physical pain.  A word can be spoken and hit you harder than a Mack truck.  When we speak to those we care about we have to be gentle with our words. One slip of the tongue can ruin a lot and an apology, although may give you another chance, doesn’t erase the impact of the words spoken.

One word can completely change your view of something or someone.  Think about it; someone rushes in and yells, “He beat me!” vs. “He hit me”.  In your mind those are two completely different things, one being much worse than the other.  Another example is when it comes to abuse.  We talk a lot about the victim being physically abused and short of death those wounds can heal but when it’s mental abuse that can be carried by the victim for the rest of their life and affect them in so many ways.  In the courtroom certain words are used to skew things to sway one way or another.  Even the media uses words to grab attention.  Something as simple as saying, “Latest News” vs. “Breaking News”, you have to admit that breaking news sounds so much more urgent and important.

I say all of this to say be careful with your words and be very leery of believing the words spoken to you.  The best advice I’ve gotten thus far in life I have to say is this, “Think before you speak” and along with that, “say what you mean and mean what you say”.