Voice ~ Nobody’s Property

I am married. Married for 1yr and my husband wants me to Tattoo his name on my lower back, anywhere sexy. I don’t mind tattoos, I have two, but I DO NOT want a man’s name on my body, not even his! He is very offended, like I plan to divorce him or something. I just don’t want a name on ME, like I’m owned by somebody, it reminds me of slavery, a brand.  Am I wrong? Hes hurt.

Signed “Nobody’s Property”



  1. Agree completely! When I was getting my son’s name tattooed on my foot, the tattoo artist asked if the name was my boyfriend’s. I quickly retorted, ‘No. No man will ever brand me like cattle’.

  2. You shouldn’t get his name tattooed on you, you are not his property and he should just be grateful that you married him. Who cares if he is hurt, you have the right to be hurt that he would want you to do something like that!

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