Men may be tough and hard on the exterior but they enjoy feeling appreciated just like women do. Take note of those 7 ideas on how to show him and share any other ideas you have with us.

James Michael Sama

Contrary to popular belief, there are still good men out there. You might even be dating one. He might even follow the 10 Ways To Make Your Girl Feel Special.

If he is a true gentleman, he will do all of these things, and more, without expectation of anything in return. Your happiness is his reward. That being said, though – a basic human need for all people is to feel wanted and appreciated, especially in relationships, and especially when they perform selfless acts for others.

If you do have a good man, it’s important to let him know that what he does for you, matters. Even if it’s just in small ways. Here are some suggestions, in no particular order.


1. Pick up the tab.

Anyone who reads my articles knows that I believe a man should always pay for dates. Not just the first date, but all…

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