Why is it that most men seem to think that sensual toys serve as a replacement for them.  I am telling you now they are NOT. They are enhancements.  It can be extra special pleasure for you and/or her.  I’m going to need you men to get with the program and if she  doesn’t have any she needs to get with the program too!

There are women who resist toy play but are more likely among those who could benefit from it the most.  You should start off with a simple toy, either solo or with your lover.  You will begin enjoying many more physical pleasures you have coming to you.  It works a little like this:  If….

  • You have not yet learned to orgasm, or don’t orgasm very often you can learn what gets you there. Once you know, you can let him know OR maybe he’ll use the toys on you and you guys will find out together.  😉
  •  You want exciting new pleasure to compliment your relationship.  Including toys will give you all types of new things to try. 🙂
  • You want to break out of a sexual rut and rekindle your physical fires. Men enjoy something different and it can always be new and exciting to see what new feature will be added.  Toy play can be unlimited!
  • You still want pleasure when your partner is out of town.  They make toys for him and her so you can have pleasure without cheating.
  • Toys are safe, fun and liberating, once you find the right one for you there are no limitations to the pleasure that you can unleash!.

Of course as with anything please be sure to practice safety and cleanliness and HAPPY PLEASRURING! 😉