It has come to my attention lately that there are a lot of people out here making and having children either by people they don’t really care to be attached to for the rest of their lives or when they really aren’t ready to have children. WTH???

Come on now people is it really that hard? This is not rocket science, PROTECTION!!! I am SO ready to slap some folks around. When we were young in our teenage years this kind of thing happened and we got off with that dear stuck in headlights look. Now as adults over the age of 30 this has gotten just plain ridiculous. Men complaining about how they don’t want to deal with this woman or aren’t ready to be a father again. Women crying about I don’t want to be stuck with this looser baby daddy or I’m too old to be having another child. The list of complaints can go on and on but what I want to know is how many cells in you peoples brain are dead???

Sex education is so widespread these days that there is NO EXCUSE especially after you have already conceived a previous child. What part of if you’re laying down with a person of the opposite sex and not using protection don’t you understand can end you up procreating? I think I might need to dumb this question down…If you are having unprotected (no condom or birth control) intercourse (sex) then you risk the chance of having a child!!!

If I offended anyone with my ranting then maybe you fit this mold and SHOULD be offended. Ignorance is irritating.

*Some people that this has happened to may not like the situation they are in but are taking it all in stride because they knew the chance they were taking and vent only because they know that they knew better. I wrote this primarily for those who this may have happened to and you are blaming everyone and everything else but yourself. Learn from past lessons and if you want something different, you have to do something different. Knowledge is power…gain it & use it!