Have you ever noticed how guys, all perfect strangers can walk onto a basketball court or such and just begin playing together like they’ve known one another for years. But you put a group of women in a room together and it’s going to take something pretty miraculous for them to begin communicating.  WHY???

Ladies we come in all shapes, sizes and colors and we are each beautiful in our own right.  We all mostly have the same parts with pretty much the same functionality.  Why is it that we can’t all accept that about one another?  For most women we look at another woman and immediately pass judgement. Not knowing a thing about this woman’s character, strife or pain.  Then what usually happens is that you get to know this woman and THEN you say oh well she’s a cool person.

Why must we compete, tear one another down and allow that monster called jealousy tear us apart?  Not every woman out here is trying to take your man or stab you in the back.  So she may have more money than you, dress the way you wish you could, drive a better car, have her own house or have a great relationship. Be grateful for her and hopefully LEARN how she achieved what she has so you too may get there.  None of us has ALL the answers or is perfect.  We all have demons within that we are fighting that we may not express to the world so we need to uplift one another, be a shoulder to cry on.

The world has enough drama and issues going on in it. We don’t need to make life any harder for one another.  Help the next lady out you see and instead of immediately passing a negative judgement find something to compliment her on. Give her a smile. You never know what demons she’s already fighting don’t add to them.