Courtesy of: Hello Beautiful

Peter Gunz earned the title of America’s most hated reality star when it was revealed on “Love & Hip Hop” NY that he married his artist Amina Buddafly behind his baby’s mother Tara Wallace’s back. Peter was still living with Tara at the time but admitted that they hit a dark spot in their relationship when he began sleeping with Amina.

As a woman, who has been cheated on, my innate response to the love triangle was to hate Peter and everything he stood for. How dare he treat Tara that way and I cursed his and Amina’s name. I was expecting the worse from him and anticipating our interview all at the same time.

When Peter arrived to the office, I was expecting an entourage, security maybe and at least a few flashy pieces of jewelry to reiterate to the world that he is famous…again. Instead Gunz, dressed humbly in a jacket and book bag walked in, telling us a story about his train ride. A high school girl had cursed him out for all the things I too wanted to scold him for. He laughed about it and greeted us all like he’s never sold a record, let alone platinum single, in his life.

Peter was surprisingly pleasant. I guess I was expecting his personality and demeanor to reflect a lying, cheating a**hole, but it didn’t. However, that didn’t change my mind–he did what he did and I was going to grill him for it.

During our 30-minute sit down, Peter revealed that his father too had multiple girlfriends and because of that, he never thought his situation was abnormal until he watched it on TV. And that’s when he stared into his lap and admitted, he needs help.

Among other things, Peter admitted that he regrets marrying Amina because he should have worked it out with Tara.

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Do you believe that, when we’re young,  the relationship experiences that we are exposed to by our parents have such a large impact on our own relationships as adults?