Cheating…..Is It Your Business?

Cheaters are all around us. What would you do if you had a friend that you knew was a good person and very respectful of their relationship and you saw your friend’s partner out cheating

Now let’s take it a few steps further and add some shades of gray; If you knew your friend was cheating on their partner and then you saw their partner out cheating what would you do?

Would it make a difference if they were married or not?



  1. >I would just leave separate myself the both of them to make myself neutral. I'm not going to go help the woman pay bills abandoned by her cheating man cuz I didn't like seeing him do her wrong! Not even if it were a VERY CLOSE FRIEND!

  2. >What I meant by that is this: If I tell my homeboy's wife he is cheating and she kicks him out, am I (the teller) going to help her pay bills that her man was paying "before" I got in their business? Or do anything that dude was doing prior to her kicking him out? You go stir up some "doo-doo"in somebody's home, and get what out of it? Did a good thing come out of doing that? (I wrote that on my fone and it sounds crazy) Is this better???

  3. >wow….i dont think that would be the point in why you would tell. So you'd rather watch her get cheated on and disrespected just so she can have her bills paid? hmmm….ok i guess thats more important.

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