Intimacy….NO GOOD!

You’ve waited your whole life for this moment. Resisted peer pressure, raging hormones and horny partners just to save yourself for this special moment in your life. Now you’re married and you give yourself….and….it’s NO GOOD!

You’re married and your intimate moments started out great but then something changed and now it’s NO GOOD!

What do you do when the relations are NO GOOD? Is this a deal breaker for you?


  1. >Hear this. If you base your marital/relationshp happiness on how good the sex is, do not seek a long term relationship. Disappointment is right around the corner. Love is not sexually driven wthout adverse end results. If you think contrary to the afore mentioned, you yourself are not a skilled lover and a worse communcator. You'll cheat, lie, and more. Sex will get stale, and routine and bland and regular. Can you re-ignite the fire with your partner? Or heat it up and keep t hot? It takes two!

  2. >I have to agree there will be times when it will get bland and communication is a must! You have to be willing to go the extra mile to heat things up before throwing in the towel or you should definitely remain single.

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