Accidental Proposal

I was listening to a radio show and I couldn’t believe my ears.  This guy called in saying that he had been dating this girl and he really likes her and he had gotten down on one knee and asked her to marry him. (sounds nice huh?)
PROBLEM:  They were at a party and drunk when he did it and he didn’t mean it. He doesn’t want to marry her!  Everyone at the party witnessed this and she posted it on her Facebook page.
He didn’t have a ring when he proposed and did it all as a joke but of course it wasn’t taken that way.  Now he wants to know how does he get out of this situation.  He still wants to be friends and didn’t mean any of this to hurt her.

I’m at a loss for words. The only thing that comes to mind for me is there’s no way to avoid the hurt so just be honest.  WOW! This is one GREAT example of how liquor is NOT good for you.



  1. >I once dated a recovering alcoholic who fell deeply and viciously off the wagon.I hauled his ass to the hospital after a 9-day bender and he was admitted into the ICU with a BAC of .43 (most people would DIE somewhere in the .3s)…He proposed that night from his hospital bed. I, of course, ignored it.24 hours later (still in the ICU) he proposed again and I explained (in front of the ICU nurse) that I don't entertain pickled proposals and that we'd discuss it it when he was sober.Five minutes later, he looks at me earnestly:"I'm sober now, I think. Let's do it."Ah, romance. He died last month.

  2. >Every road in life leads to somewhere. Booze, drugs, stealing, beating people, etc,… Generally, these all have negative consequences. Dealing with a person who makes decisions while consuming alcohol, drugs or whatever, is the 1st mistake!!! Shame on him, AND shame on her for listening to a drunk!!

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