Stephan Labossiere listed them for the ladies so it’s only fair to list them for the men. Fellas, courtesy of his guest post by here is a list of the 6 signs, with excerpts of  their explinations, that will help you know if she is your Mrs. Right.  For the complete post click here: 6 Signs That She Is Mrs. Right.

#1. She Has No Unresolved Issues
Past issues that have not been resolved are often referred to as baggage. That baggage can cause major problems down the road in your relationship. Common unresolved issues involve trust and self-esteem.

#2. She is Not Like Your Mother
Your mother may want you to be someone you are not or pursue a career that you do not want to pursue. In short, she may not be completely satisfied with the man who you are.

#3. She is Not a Drama Queen
A drama queen is someone who looks for negative situations whether they are there or not. If she is a drama queen, then she may start a fight with a waiter over a look he gave her or a woman who glanced your way. In fact, she is willing to make something out of nothing no matter where she is or who it is over.

#4. She Supports Your Dreams and Goals
If she shows signs of being your biggest supporter, no matter what your dreams and goals are, then she is going to make you happy no matter which way your life turns.

#5. She Makes You Laugh
Life is better when you laugh your way through it, and having an intimate partner who can make you laugh will be a blessing when times get tough.

#6. She is Optimistic
Do you want to spend your life reassuring a woman, or would you rather have a woman who looks at the cup half-full and needs little reassurance about the happiness in her life? Negative and sarcastic people may be funny or semi-grounding at first, but they will take their toll on your happiness in the end.