To some, sex toys represent the mother of all taboos which might not necessarily exist on another planet but for all intents and purposes would be better off if they did. For others however, adult toys and games are simply a way of life that they simply could not imagine getting by without…and nor would they want to. And while those on the latter side of the argument usually understand the apprehensions of others, it is those that have never even thought about bringing toys into the bedroom that find it so hard to grasp just what kind of joys could be found Adult Toysin the other camp.

So with a sense of discovery in mind, here are five great reasons why you really should at least try bringing some more fun and games into the bedroom, if you haven’t already done so.

Get to Know Each Other
First up, you might think you know plenty about each other already, but do you really? Have you actually got any ideas what your partner has spent most of his/her life fantasizing over? Or better yet, do they know what gets you going? There’s no way of finding out what really sets your partner’s fire burning without taking home the tools necessary to see what works – you’d be surprised how much you will learn about each other in the space of about five minutes-flat!

Test Your Boundaries
Next up, it’s impossible not to wonder what kind of pleasure folk get out of the weird and wonderful toys and tools they play with – so who’s to say they won’t give you the same kind of pleasure? It’s all a case of testing your boundaries as there is only so far you can go without toys and literally no limits to what you can get up to with the right equipment. It’s again one of the situations where you cannot knock it until you have tried and chances are you might just come up so much better off for the experience.

Better Orgasms
There may be a million ways you can use them, but sex toys lead to better orgasms…period. It’s pretty simple – this is precisely what they’re designed to do so it stands to reason that however much you enjoy yourself with nothing more than what God gave you, chances you’re in for even more mind-blowing results if you bring in a few added accessories.

Endless Variety
And then there’s the way in which an endless array of toys and games means endless scope for fun and experimentation. Keeping things fun and fresh between the sheets isn’t easy and never has been, but toys and games ensure endless variety and something new every day.

Play Together, Stay Together
Last but not least, it is a proven fact that couple who play together are more likely to stay together. It’s pretty easy to grasp – if you make sure that you fulfil all of your partner’s wildest dreams, then why the hell would they ever even think of straying elsewhere. And of course, the same applies the other way around.


Written By Lisa Morton
Lisa Morton considers herself as the woman to go to for tips on how to buy a vibrator or any sex toy as a gift and not have it explode in your face. The sentiment that is…not the vibrator!