I SPY, CIA & FBI Ain’t got NOTHING on You…

Do you play super sleuth (detective) in your relationship?  Searching through cell phones, checking the caller ID, listening to phone calls, searching pockets, driving by to check his/her location, calling around asking questions and even going so far as to adding GPS equipment. Are you in a relationship and you do this to your partner OR are you the one having it done to you?

I want to know what’s the purpose and when does it end?  Why do you do it and if it’s being done to you how do you feel about it?  If you are on either end of this behavior do you really consider yourself to be in a healthy relationship?  Is this what you call LOVE??


One comment

  1. >Either way is annoying. Being the one doing it and getting it done to you. No its not healthy but i cant say if its not love, some people do have love but the problem is that there is a lack of maturity.

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