What’s Your Relationship Status?

I dated a guy once and we were discussing his past relationships.  He told me about a girl that he really liked but he admitted that he messed up the relationship.  I was pleased that he could be so honest to say that he was the one to mess it up so of course I asked HOW he messed it up. Amazingly he admitted that he had cheated on her.  My next question/comment was “so you’re a dog then?”.  He said no and went on to explain that the problem was that he didn’t know that he had cheated because he and this particular female hadn’t discussed that they were being exclusive. (personally I think that’s BS)
So this leads me to ask, “Do you know the status of your relationship?”  Unfortunately this has been a topic I’ve heard a lot about lately and I believe the cause is a lack of communication.  People’s morals and values are not the same as they use to be. Now you have to spell everything out in detail in order to have clarification because everyone wants to push the envelope and see what thy can get away with.
You may be assuming that the person you’re dating is only seeing you but because you two haven’t discussed it your partner may feel it’s OK to be with another.

It seems we need to get talking people!!!



  1. This is what I was thinking: when does dating stop and a relationship start? How many times do you date a guy before you are his girlfriend. And anyway him and you might have different ideas. So I guess the only way to check it is to talk to your date and ask whow he feels about it.

      • I totally agree, and I always try it and yet it is so hard. I tried it with my last date, and then he had a problem talking face to face and rather sent me a letter of good bye.
        I shall try harder next time! 🙂
        honest open conversation is the key to a good relationship but it has to be from both parties!

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