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How a 36 Year Old Woman Had an 11 Year Old Boy’s Baby and Stayed Out of Jail

A 36 year old woman in New Zealand has given birth to a baby, not so surprising you may say, until you hear that the father of the baby is only 11 years old.

Apparently the mother of the baby has another child who goes to school with the father of her baby and that’s how they met.

The matter first came to light when the 11-year old boy informed his principal at his school in South Auckland, New Zealand.

The principal at the boy’s school said that he was shocked when the boy told him and revealed the details.

The principal went on to say that the boy came up to him and said “You won’t be very happy with me.” He also said that the boy told him he had been having s*x with his friend’s mother and that “it needs to stop.”

Apparently New Zealand’s laws make it impossible for a woman to be accused of rape and Justice Minister, Judith Collins says that she will look into this legislation.

The baby and the father are now apparently both in care.

Collins said that she would seek advice from officials if a change in the law was required to prevent this kind of thing happening again.

New Zealand’s laws state, that a woman can only be charged with s*xual violation, if she has s*x without consent and only a man can be accused of rape, if they have forced s*x. Both crimes have a maximum sentence of 20 years.

Apparently in April of 2012, the father of the baby and his friend from school took the day off school and went to his friend’s house. Here the father of the baby met his friend’s mother who gave him alcohol and had a “s*xual encounter,” with him.

According to reports this s*xual liaison lasted for several months and when the baby was born the boy had already turned 12 years old.

The woman has apparently denied the s*xual encounter with the boy.

Manager of Male Survivors of S*xual Abuse, Ken Clearwater said that the woman should be held responsible for her actions and if it took a change in the laws of New Zealand to bring her to justice, then so be it.

The boy does not have rights to the child unless he was present at the birth and even then he would have to apply to the courts for access, according to family lawyer Jeremy Sutton.