Voices ~ I Love You but GO AWAY!!!

VoicesWhat makes a man continue to communicate with a woman after said woman has discontinued giving up the goodies and has stop initiating any forms of communication and has even told the man she was through and that she wanted to be left alone?  The woman is in love with the man and the man states he loves her as well but the woman feels too many games are being played in the relationship so she wants to cut her loses.


One comment

  1. You stated that the guy claims to love the woman so if that’s true that could be one reason he still trys to communicate with her. Another reason would be that he feels he still has a chance to sleep with her because she must be answering his forms of communication in some way.

    For her to get him to truly leave her alone she will have to completly ignore all of his efforts to contact her. Seeing as where you said she loves him has she communicated to him that she feels he’s playing games or is she just giving up on the situation altogether?

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