VoicesHave you ever had a sex partner who was just plain NASTY??? Nawwwww, not like that. I mean “nasty”. Their home should be condemned kinda nasty!!! I once dated a gal like that. She was pretty, sexy, and “nasty”. Her house was absolutely disgusting! Trash everywhere but in the trash can, puppies running wild thru the house, dishes with utensils STUCK to them on the floor where the puppies played,… I could go on and on and on. But it just totally grossed me out; and I’m a man. I had a small apartment at that time, and after she saw my place, she would come over and go straight to the shower!!!! (cuz I don’t play that) I mean the first time I saw the inside of her house, I refused to sit on that structure she called a couch!!! I wondered, “how can a female be this darn nasty?” I was tempted to pick stuff up, but didn’t want to be there all week doing so. Ya’ll she invited me to her house “late” one night, came the door butt nekkid!!!! Of course I went in, she was NEKKID! But she got offended when I wouldn’t take my clothes off. Yep that was my last visit to “The Last house on the Left”!!! I know what I did. But what would you do? Or have you had a situation like that and how did you handle it. I couldn’t.

~ KJ1~