VoicesLady J,

My name is Roslyn and there’s this guy I met at a vulnerable time in my life. When I met him he had a girlfriend. I was very physically attracted to him and we started seeing each other. I know it was wrong but hell he wasn’t married she was just his girlfriend and baby momma. Eventually he moved in with me and we were ok at first. He helped with bills, bought me gifts, we had fun together and he was good in bed. Then he started lying about stuff. I started going FBI on him and found out he was messin with a bunch of girls. Now he lives back with his babby momma. This man has had and gave me STD’s and no matter how many times I busted him he keeps doing the same stuff.  i know it’s bad but I still sleep with him. I want to leave him alone but I can’t. How do I let him go?



Sweetie as nice as it is that he was able to be there for you when you needed someone it is time for you to practice loving yourself. This man has placed you in harms way and the bad part is that you have and are allowing it. You say you want to leave him alone but I can’t say I believe that because, in the words of R. Kelly, “When a woman’s fed up there ain’t nothing you can do about it”. You will cut him off and never look back but the fact that you not only still speak with this man but you continue to sleep with him says you’re not done.  I feel that you know it’s not a good nor healthy situation for you but you’re not quite ready to give it up yet.  In order to let him go you will need to stop taking his calls, stop seeing him, block him from any source of communication where he can contact you and do not respond to him in any way. You will need to remove him FULLY from your life.  I wish you well in this situation because it’s not a good one. Sweetheart the first step is to realize you deserve so much better. Look in the mirror and speak words of affirmation to yourself. Tell yourself how pretty and deserving you are of a good healthy relationship and if you don’t have one that’s fine. You can be happy by yourself. Companionship is nice but GOOD companionship. Otherwise occupy yourself to stay out of unhealthy situations like this one.