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This new contribution for Pardon My Audacity was offered to add a male point-of-view to the relationship and lifestyle section of the blog. It will be HONEST and MAY offend people without an open mind.

Derry Browning, CEO of 3MG

Twitter: @BigHustle973

Instagram: @Hu$tle1983

What happened to real couples supporting each other? Compromising to work towards each other’s goals and dreams? Let’s be real people, we never really see couples going after a common goal in these days and times. We tend to settle for less, forgetting about the careers we really want, the dreams we worked so hard to try to achieve, or getting things done.

Fellas, what happened to wanting real careers not wanting to be a musician or athlete because uh, all of you dudes aren’t going to be either, no offense. Ladies, what happened to striving to be something other than strippers…

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