Can You Protect Your Spouse From Cheating?

This interesting question came to me following a conversation during my weekly Bible study at church. As we discussed the topic of how evil thoughts can control and consume some individuals, one of the participants mentioned that their spouse knows how to assist them in fighting the urges and actions that surface surrounding infidelity. This person’s spouse apparently knows the words and actions to take in order to rein them back in if they appear to be getting too close to someone of the opposite sex. This, we are told, helps to prevent relationships from taking a wrong turn. They went on further to explain a spouse’s job is to protect the other spouse from traveling a road that leads to cheating, because one spouse can’t do it by themselves.

My first thought was if a spouse really could protect the other from becoming an adulterer and then my last thought was should they? Should I be responsible for consistently keeping tabs on my husband, warning him when he maybe getting too close to another woman and watching over him ensuring he does not have an affair? Whew, that wore me out just typing it. With all my other life responsibilities I cannot and will not add making sure my husband doesn’t cheat on me to that list.

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  1. No one in a relationship should be responsible for the lack of cheating. The relationship involves two people,mic someone isn’t happy they should talk about it with their partner, not go out and cheat.

  2. I’m with you. That just takes too much. Part of being a reasonable party/adult in a relationship in keeping YOURSELF on the right path. Every one is responsible for themself.

    • I agree that everyone is responsible for self but sometimes isn’t two heads better than one? (Here me out…) What I mean by that is if your mindset is no where near on cheating but you have a male associate that is coming on to you on the sly, because you aren’t in that frame of mind you may not even realize that’s what the person is doing but your mate might pick up on it. Thus your mate may just put a little bug in your ear informing you to be careful of that other person’s motives. NOW because your mate has made you aware you start to notice and now you can either remove this person as an associate and/or put them in their place.

      Would that be okay? You were keeping yourself on track but temptation is out there and sometimes if caught at the right moment it can begin to seep in so maybe something down the road was just prevented. (just my thoughts) What do you think?

      • Now this is different to me. This has happened with me and my husband where he didn’t realize the actions of someone could have been ill willed. I told him my opinion from a woman’s perspective and what I interpret the actions to mean and he was like, “good looking out, I never thought of it that way.” That’s different to me than protecting them from cheating it is more of protecting them for peoples ill intentions. Does that make sense or am I rambling???

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