When you enter into a relationship it is supposed to be between you & that person but it doesn’t always end up that way. One reason would be if you grew up in the city you currently live in. You may have a not-so-nice past and people tend to keep your name in their mouth.  Another reason may be because when something goes wrong you vent to the people around you. All of a sudden the world becomes a very small place. Once you open your relationship up to others they tend to input their opinions and judgments and it’s possible these judgments can hinder the decisions you make in your relationship.

Now how do you fix your relationship & move on from this when its seems everyone around you knows your situation and has something to say about it? Should moving out of town and starting new be considered? Is there ever a moment when you just do what you want and let others know that this is your life and they can hush if they don’t support you? How do you move beyond that messy past???  (Is your reaction different with marriage vs dating)