After less than 2 years of marriage former NFL player Kordell Stewart has reportedly filed for divorce from his wife Porsha Williams, who stars in the hit reality TV showThe Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

I don’t know if you watch the show or not but from what I saw I first thought that Porsha was just really trying to be the perfect, humble wife. I did think, like Nene, that Kordell was a bit controlling.  Nene stated in a blog on bravotv.com ,

“I don’t want to judge Porsha’s relationship, because I obviously don’t live with them. I can only tell you what these eyes and ears hear and see. I watch the show just like you do, so based off everything I’ve seen and heard myself, it appears that Kordell is talking to his daughter and not his wife! Porsha can’t seem to do much without getting permission from Kordell. This is not my relationship, so if Porsha likes it, I love it, and I really don’t give a sh–– what Porsha and Kordell do!”

I know that on the show they aired the couple having  a difference of opinion when it came to becoming parents because Porsha wanted to have children and get a nanny so that she could maintain her philanthropy career where as Kordell said he didn’t want a nanny raising their child(ren). He felt she should be home being a mother. Porsha had stated that one thing she loved about Kordell was his traditional ways but I think those traditional ways were coming back to bite her. I was told long ago that usually the things you love about a person will be the same things you end up not liking about them.

All in all Kordell has filed for divorce claiming that the marriage is  “irretrievably broken”, meaning it is beyond repair. I think that’s kind of deep.  Only the two of them REALLY know what has brought the marriage to this state but from the outside looking in I, personally see a few problems.

1) Kordell doesn’t seem to communicate very well with Porsha. He says what he has to say and she is to just shuit up and do as he says.

2) Living your life in the spotlight leads a lot of others to comment on your relationship planting their thoughts on your situation.

3) Porsha, in trying to be the perfect wife was not being true to herself. She had put her wishes and desires to the side but now that she had her “girls”, who are pretty independent, in her ear it was forcing her true self to surface.

A lesson I’ve learned in all my years of dating and marriage is, as Polonius in Shakespeare’s Hamlet said, “To thy own self be true”.  If you’re real with yourself you won’t be untrue with others because it just won’t feel right to you AND you won’t allow anyone else to control who you are.

What are your thoughts on situations where someone is being controlling in a relationship, marriage in the lime light and if you follow the show what do you think about these two?