*Some details are left out to protect identity.

DOCWell well now….the DOC. This is a man I first laid eyes on while I was involved with Big Daddy and it was infatuation at first sight, OMG!!  I could have creamed in my pants when I first laid eyes on him. Anyway, we didn’t actually meet until after things were over between me and Big Daddy but I was in an off again, on again relationship with Mr. PC.  Of course since things were so rocky I went ahead and socialized with the DOC.  In the beginning he really tried to spend a lot of time with me but I was so wrapped up in Mr. PC that I kept him at a distance so THAT’s how he earned the name the DOC (Dick On Call).

Me and the DOC would go out together and he even spent a few holidays with me and my family since Mr. PC was so flaky. (that’s another story) Our thing was to meet up here and there, do what we do and keep it moving. Over time we would share stories talking about things going on in our lives, our interest and eventually he asked if I thought I could handle being his lady. Well naturally I said yes but we both knew that was NOT about to happen. I still had Mr. PC and the DOC had his thing going so our “FWB” (Friends With Benefits) continued on as usual.

Time passed, I got serious with Mr. PC for a while so our sexcapades were put on hold, and when that ended I played around with the Dreamer, who I later found out knew the DOC.  I admitted the association to the DOC and he of course was not happy at all. He ceased ALL contact with me for a few months.  When playtime ended with the Dreamer, the DOC and I ended up face to face with the opportunity to actually make a relationship happen. It wasn’t meant to be that way though. He had some fires burning but we were spending so much time together, spending the night at one another’s home, going out together and a lot of quality time, that we both started getting caught up.   In his drunken state he would tell me how he loved me, was missing me, only wanted me, and warned me to never hurt him. Some of that was reiterated during sober moments, especially that no matter what he would always love me, but he still tried to keep the wall up.

One day he calls me and manufactures a story that I cheated on him. WOW! That took me by storm and at first I went on the defense but after some thought I told him to save the BS.  I remembered that I knew him well enough to know that if he REALLY thought I cheated on him he wouldn’t have still been talking to me and there would have been a lot more anger behind his words.  He admitted that he knew I hadn’t cheated but yet he still wouldn’t give me a truthful reason for putting distance between us. SO we remained cordial with one another but NO RELATIONSHIP.

Is it really even possible for the side piece to become the main piece and it actually work out?