I absolutely LOVE this post. It is one of the most HONEST things I’ve read. Nothing can explain it any more clearly than this. We must get over the fear. We’ve made it through the past hurts and guess what, we’ll make it through any more to come. Love is a risk that, in my opinion, is well worth taking.


connectintMany of us have gotten to the point where we are honest with our emotions. We have learned to communicate them more effectively and openly. We want to connect. So what is it that still keeps us from actually allowing the emotional connection we want to badly to happen?

Simply put: It hurts. Or it has hurt in the past. You’ve been let down. You’ve been lied to. You’ve had broken promises and collapsed expectations. It happens to everyone but we feel like it is not worth the pain of trying to connecting again.

If I could give you the single most important piece of advice I think I could ever write on this blog it would be this:

Honesty is the healthiest and happiest way to build connections and relationships.

Connecting often hurts because we are not honest. That is not the only reason of course (sometimes…

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