To begin I must say this topic has so many twist and turns to it so bare with me.

If you are dating a guy or married to a guy and you suspect him of cheating or even KNOW that he is.  Why would you contact the other woman?  What do you seek to gain from contacting her?  Wouldn’t it be more productive to deal with him?  Yes I know men lie and if you have the proof that he’s lying you have one of three choices: 1) leave him, 2) deal with it & work through it or 3) ignore it and act like nothing ever happened.  Sadly enough more women don’t chose #1 and regardless of which of the other two they choose they end up staying or continuing involvement with the man.  CRAZILY I’ve seen it happen where a woman confronts the other woman and the man and still remain dealing with all the BS AND even the other woman remains in the picture.

So with all of this I’m back to my original question: “Why contact the other woman?”