OK is it just me or is this new age of feminism going a bit too far?  Women wanted to be able to do everything men do but now look our men seem to have gotten lazy!  I’m not going to begin to tackle the issues of the workplace, home and all that jazz.  I want to talk about the dating scene.

Why does it seem that most men think of approaching women the same as approaching a hungry lion. They are afraid of being eaten alive. But, when will be the time for you (MEN) to stand up and simply approach her if you’re really interested?
I have to admit I bit the bullet and did what I had to in order to initiate first contact with a guy that I’d seen checking me out so I knew he was interested but he had never stepped up to the plate. Anyway during our conversation he mentioned seeing me and I had to let him know he hadn’t asked me out and he made the statement “my bad, I thought women were more assertive…”.  I let him know that I can be but I’m a bit old fashioned in that I like to allow the man to take that lead.

WTH men??? I understand no one likes rejection but good grief  will you all please hold on to your testosterone just a little!?!  Now days women are working, cooking, cleaning, mothering, paying bills and even helping themselves in the bedroom and you wonder why we act like we don’t need you. MAN UP about SOMETHING! Some of us enjoy being wooed by a man.