I’ve had the privilege of being  married once upon a lifetime but unfortunately it didn’t work out.  My ex-husband and I now have a very good relationship.  He is now involved with another woman and I get along with her pretty well. In my opinion my ex and I are better now than we were when we were married.  Well the relationship I was in after him we eventually got married but throughout our relationship he had an issue with how well my ex and I got along.

On the flip side of this I have a male friend that has a child with a woman who is now married and he is engaged to a woman.  He and his child’s mother get along very well and he even gets along with her husband but his fiance has an issue with his closeness with his child’s mother.

Now I do understand that there is a line that can be crossed to make the other person feel uncomfortable but what I’m trying to understand is why do people expect ex’s to be enemies?  I really don’t understand this when there are children involved. Of course the best situation is for the parents to be together but when they aren’t isn’t the next best circumstance for them to get along?