I’ve been talking to people and this is freaking REDICULOUS!! The state of the dating world is a freakin mess right now when people are running around here talking about they don’t know how to date. WTH???

Yeah you may have been in a long term relationship or marriage & you’re new to the single life but dammit how do you NOT know how to date? And lets not just talk about the ones fresh to the single life.  There are those that have been out here and say they don’t know. I’ve even heard men saying they don’t know how or just simply don’t approach women because there are too many aggressive women out here who will approach them.  This is all freakin ridiculous!!!

First, how do you NOT know how to date?  Don’t give me this crap about you’ve been in a relationship so long you’ve forgotten. If you say that crap then it’s probably part of the reason you’re single now. Even in a relationship/marriage you should be dating your partner. MAKE TIME, get dressed and take them somewhere special. Break the monotony of the everyday.  Its no lie, the same things you did to get the person are the same things you should do to keep them.

Second, the confusion of who approaches who. I understand SOME of the confusion. These aggressive women out here have confused the whole process. Women learned that there are more women than men in the world and lost their damn minds.  Ladies SIT YO ASS DOWN SOMEWHERE and LET A MAN BE A MAN!!!  First Eve messed it up feeding Adam the darn apple and now y’all want to play the role of the man and go after him. Let that man find you and you choose him and there stops the confusion.  Right now everyone’s confused. Men don’t know what to say to women or are too lazy to approach them. Some women are jumping down a mans throat trying to pick him up & he’s scared to say no while other women feel they’ll never get a man because they believe in letting him approach her. Men are natural born hunters but women have taken the gun and turned it on them. Then ladies when you catch a wild one and he hurts you you want to get mad and condemn all men. Well maybe if you play yo role the man that would normally be finding you would be someone who actually wants you and not some creature you caught that felt like, hmm since you brought me home I’m gonna milk this for what its worth then break free until the next one catches me.

The way I see it IF he really likes you, and is free to date you, he will ask you. You’re worried he won’t have the courage? To ask you out is not like swimming in shark-infested waters. Do you want a man who is afraid to ask you out? What kind of wuss is he? If he really likes you, he can do something as simple as ask you out.  Also, if you let the guy make the first move then you have a better chance of knowing how he feels and knowing he wants you.  Let him be the man, and stop trying to do what should come easily to him if he really does like you.

I don’t know if y’all got the point of what I’m trying to say here but take a look around. The ecosystem that’s been created is chopped & screwed! People get back to the basics and women stop acting like men. Remember dating shouldn’t end because you’re in a commitment and ladies if what he wanted was a man I’m sure he’d go find one!!