Rill Love

Teacher and fashion designer Rill gives tips on the best ways to get the most out of sex.
October 28, 2012

Rill Love


When seductive artist Rill isn’t designing lingerie, she is holding workshops for women on how to bring their A game to the bedroom. Under the theme of seductive artistry, Rill helps women learn to provide visual stimulation (how to be alluring and sexy and practicing sexual submission) and engages her students in sexual discussion. She recently gave Sheen the rundown on how to get the best results out of anal, oral, and traditional vaginal sex.-H.C.


Traditional Sex
1.Vibrate your hips (a skill that can be learned through belly dancing)
2. Don’t just lie there, be interactive
3. Take your time.
4. Make your hips move back and forth, or even in circles.

Oral Sex
1. Learn to control you gag reflex
2. If you cannot control your gag reflex, be sure to work the tip and shaft of the penis
3. Don’t forget to lick.
4. You may accumulate a lot of saliva. You can even spit. He won’t mind.
5. Look into using condiments, like jelly or even ice.

Anal Sex
1. You must be relaxed and intensely lubricated.
2. Your man MUST give you foreplay.
3. Your partner has to enter the anus very slowly.
4. Expect for your partner not to get his full penis in the first time.
5. Understand going into the act that it can be painful


Article courtesy of Sheen Magazine

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