BE MY VALENTINE from Confessions of a Recovering Cynic

Ah, Valentine’s Day, the Hallmark holiday most riddled with horniness and thorniness.

That day where we all squawk about not wanting a commercialized token of love and then berate our men for not acknowledging the day somehow. That day where you can’t spontaneously go grab a bite with a friend because even White Castle took reservations this evening, and lit some candles in honor of sliders and love.That day where we all cringe, singles and couples alike, because nobody – and I mean nobody – gets it right.

A dozen roses are cliche and overpriced, and chocolate is generic. Being whisked away for a romantic getaway sounds lovely but let’s be honest, ladies. It ain’t gonna happen and if it did you’d just spend the whole weekend stewing over what he must have done wrong if he bought you this amazing trip and surprised you.

This Valentine’s Day, though, I’m proposing to you.

(I will not be buying you a ring and I’m not getting on my knees.)


I am proposing.

I propose that this Valentine’s Day, we take back the holiday. The history is bloody and ugly anyhow, it’s not romantic in the least.

So instead of Valentine’s Day, let’s rename it Just Be Nice Day.

Take whatever you were gonna spend on roses or chocolate or a noose and pay it forward.  Buy groceries for an old lady you see at the store. Pay for the dinner tab of an elderly couple in a restaurant. Deliver Valentines to your friends’ kids. Send flowers to a nursing home or children’s hospital.

It shouldn’t be about proving you’re loved. It should be about showing love.

So all in favor of changing Valentine’s Day to Just Be Nice Day, say aye!