Soooo…..we find ourselves approaching a very emotionally striking holiday.  I have to say every since my divorce each year this holiday comes around it’s a crap shoot for me as to how I might feel about it. One year I may feel all blissful and “in love”, another year I’m feeling like f@#k Valentine’s Day and finally I’ve gotten to where I simply don’t care one way or the other.

Valentine-Love Sux_I Love You

Lately I’ve been hearing SOOOO many men complaining about it saying things like, “it’s all about the woman” and “what about us men?” or “why should we go out this ONE day of the year to spend a bunch of money on a woman?”  Mostly I think the picture below will about sum up how most of them feel.


Let’s not get it twisted. A lot of women have complaints as well. As you would think though most Valentines-Hateof the complaints come from the single women.

I took the liberty of asking a few of my Relationship Voice follower’s what they thought about Valentine’s Day. I’ve listed their responses and whether a man or woman gave the answer:

“Blah” – MAN

“Honestly i don’t feel any certain way about it. I don’t even think about it unless someone mentions it or I see stuff n the store ..however, I have learned to appreciate it as not just a couples holiday but a love day that can be shared with, mate, parents, friends or even if its alone.” – WOMAN

“Baaah humbug” – MAN

“4 days after the day I was born.  A day set aside to celebrate Love.  Valentine’s day is the 2nd most popular day I like to show somebody I love, just how I feel.  Even if I am not involved romantically, I’ll do something sweet for someone!” – MAN

“Right now – I don’t have no incentive to give anyone roses or candy or a date.  Not the girl at home or the one I’m kicking it with on the side” – MAN

“Overrated like every other holiday! EXCEPT HALLOWEEN> LOVE IT!!” – WOMAN

“A time when someone can visibly show that special someone how much they care. A time to really reflect and share a special moment with that one person who makes waking up every day feel like the sun was placed in the sky just for them.” – WOMAN

“I think Valentines Day as any other holiday should not be dictate on how or when you celebrate it…I think Valentines Day should be about your very own creative way to express your love to others that are in your circle of life…not just your sleeping partner” – WOMAN

“Bullshit corporate holiday!!!” – MAN

“I think it is way to commercialized. If you love the one that you’re with, you should show them daily not because big business or a calendar date tells you.” – MAN

All this Valentine’s Day stuff is all a bunch of crap…….” – MAN

I feel it’s not a big day… mostly for those who are dating and newlyweds.  If you’re constantly doing sweet things for you love, V-Day is just another day. “ – MAN

It’s all about marketing…nothing to do with LOVE” – MAN

“Bullshit“ – MAN

“Alone…” – MAN

Regardless of what we all think or feel one thing’s for sure, we can’t skip over February 14th and it isn’t going away. (unless you somehow sleep through it) So put your grown up underware on and get ready because it’s coming. Celebrate you, a loved one or ignore it all together either way I say:


Share with us: What’s YOUR take on this whole Valentine’s Day “Holiday”?