Steamy, Hot & Bothered…

Let’s have some fun!


Everyone has their own individual taste and desires but share with us what REALLY sets you on fire about the opposite sex. Not the bad stuff but the REAL GOOD stuff that makes you want to orgasm cream on site. What makes the good girl turn bad? What makes the man want to leave write home to momma?  Spill the beans, let us in on your little secret.



    • I’d go for 6’4″ and taller in height, a nice muscular build, deep dark chocolate complexion with straight teeth and a winning colgate smile. Eyes that hypnotize, a low hair cut with all facial hair trimmed and lined to perfection and a jaw bone structure that looks like it was chisled by Michelangelo, top that all off with a deep sultry baratone voice. THAT is what will make my waters fall. 😉

  1. She is stunning not because of her attire or her curvy features but because when I embrace her she melts right into my soul. Her lips curvy and slightly parted cause she knows how to telepathically speak to my being to not hold back to take her aptly and with no abandon. She wears just the right heels that reach her to my lips.. usually a 4.5 or 5 inch heel. Her eyes open she looks into my own and can see right into me. I know she admires my own body, my own being in the way she holds me. She allows me to see the man I am for her.. as much as I can allow her to see the woman she is for me.. It never ends, the kiss when we melt into each other.. It’s contrast stops to be as though a beautiful picture is taken.. This moment never ends.. I love you Lois.. I know you feel me!

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