Voice ~ Eating Poop

This was taken from Facebook:


I’ve been with my bf for a little over 2 yrs and our sex life is getting a bit stale. He told me He wants to spice it up by having me eat his poop. He wants to poop in my mouth, and then make out afterwards, basically snow balling his poop back and forth. I love him and all…, but I mean this is POOP were talking about. He is trying to “convince” me to do it. He poops in Tupperware containers and leaves it in the fridge, so when i reach in there to make me a sandwich there’s a container full of poo. I simply look at him and sigh, “not this time, honey,” and then throw the poo away. I’m scared that he’s going to crap in the food he makes me, i.e. poop pancakes or something. He’s obsessed with making me eat his poop so i avoid his cooking at all costs now.what should I do I love him so much,I don’t want to loose him thinking of doing it so as not to loose him or is there anyway I can stop him from demanding for this ,his continual demand makes me sick.




  1. There are so many other ways to spice your sex life… of all things, why consume poo?

    And to be fair, but at the same time a little weird, but has he offered to eat your poo?

    I can’t help but feel bothered by this behavior of pooping in containers… no offense, but it does sound bizarre.

  2. What worries me here, apart from the shitting in containers and putting them in the fridge, (very unhygienic and unhealthy by the way-as is eating somebody else’s or any kind of shit.) is that you say the idea of it makes you feel sick but you would still consider doing it because you ‘don’t want to lose him.’ If he cared and respected that this makes you feel that way he would stop asking or ‘demanding.’ It’s also disturbing that you have to live in fear that he may shit in your food. How revolting and unhygienic is that? I’m trying not to judge him but finding it hard. What I do know is that if he loves you he would respect your feelings, wishes, fridge and food if HE wants to be with YOU. I really do hope this is a hoax. If not perhaps you should urge him t see someone?

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