Django-UnchainedI saw Django Unchained a couple of days ago and I had to marinate on it for a minute. I heard a lot of opinions on both sides of the coin, but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. First and foremost, I enjoyed it because the movie was a love story…a black love story. In a time where you see some much disdain between black men and black women, it did my heart good to see a black man give …his all to save and protect his wife. It also made me reflect on how foolish we are today, as one time it was illegal for us to marry. However, our behavior perpetuates what slave masters did to us, tear our families apart. Don’t get it twisted there is power in having a family. But you have black men who would much rather be a pimp and have bitches and hoes. There’s nothing admirable about that! How about aspiring to be a strong family man with a wife and/or children. That’s the kind of legacy that’s POWERFUL. There’s so much more I could say about this movie, BUT this representation of black love is what was most important to me.

Written by Milah Beltran via Facebook.